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What Is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is essentially the use of high pressure water jets to clear and clean drains. The equipment used for this process is know as a drain jetter.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Water is pumped from tanks through a high pressure hose with a jetting nozzle.

The nozzle has holes that are angled in the opposite direction to the flow of water. This means that as water is pumped through the nozzle, the hose is propelled down the drain pipe. This allows us to quickly and efficiently access blockages that are located a long way along a pipeline.

Illustration of drain jetting nozzle propelling itself through drain pipe

A powerful pump is required to produce the high pressures needed in the drain jetter. Our pump provides up to 3000psi of water pressure and we have 80 metres of hose that covers 4, 6, and 9 inch drain pipes.

When Is Drain Jetting Used?

When we attend a property we always carry out an initial assessment to determine the best cause of action. We will sometimes recommend a CCTV drain survey if the cause of the blockage is not apparent. Click here to read our article about CCTV drain surveys. Once we have determined the location and extend of the blockage we will recommend the most appropriate procedure. Should drain jetting be recommended, we will explain the procedure to you before obtaining your permission to proceed.

Drain jetting can be used in a variety of instances and it is generally a fast and cost-effective solution to clearing drains. Before drain jetters became popular, drain excavations had to be carried out on a much more regular basis. Drain excavations are complicated, time consuming, and much more costly than drain jetting. A powerful drain jetter can clear most blockages and drain excavations should generally only be carried out as a last resort.

Whilst drain rods are often the first port of call, they are typically not very effective at clearing substantial blockages. The high pressure jet produced from a drain jetter can exert much more force on a blockage than drain rods. Furthermore, the impact of the water jet with the blockage has the effect of softening it. This softening of the blockage allows it to more easily free itself from the walls of the drain pipe. In our experience, most severe blockages can be cleared using this technique.

The hose of the jetter can also extend a long way down a pipe and can easily negotiate bends that drain rods cannot. This means that blockages that would be otherwise inaccessible with traditional tools can be easily and effectively reached. Our drain jetter has 80m of hose which allows us to reach practically every blockage we come across.

What Types Of Blockages Can It Clear?

Drain Jetting is effective at clearing a wide variety of blockages to sinks, toilets, and manholes. This includes blockages caused by:

Many people are surprised by the different ways a drain can become blocked. Drains can also become blocked due to a combination of these causes or if they are particularly old. Fortunately, drain jetting can clear the vast majority of these blockages in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For more information on the various causes of blocked drains and how to prevent them please take a look at our article on blocked drains here.

Does It Prevent Blockages?

It is true that jetting cannot completely prevent future blockages, however it can significantly reduce the chances. Over time build ups occur on the inside walls of pipes and it becomes easy for a blockage to occur. Whilst drain rods can be effective at clearing small blockages, they don’t clean the pipes. The process of jetting a drain not only clears blockages, it also cleans the pipe as well. This significantly reduces the probability of future build ups, and gives you peace of mind that your drains should last a long time.

What Equipment Is Used?

There are many types of jetting units available, varying in size and shape. The 2 most common types in the industry are trolley-mounted jetters and van pack jetters. Trolley-mounted jetters tend to be reserved only for on-site work where they may be needed quite frequently. Typically, they are not well suited to residential and commercial applications as they are difficult and inconvenient to move from site to site.

Here at Drain Jets we have a state of the art van pack jetter made by industry leading manufacturer Jetchem. Our van jetter is ideal for a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, and industrial. The combination of high pressure and long hose enables us to clear the most stubborn and hard to reach blockages. Being van packed, it allows us to move quickly and efficiently between locations in order to clear your blockages without hesitation.

Is Drain Jetting Safe?

Drain Jetting carried out by expert specialists is generally very safe but care and precautions must be taken when operating the machinery.

There are several dangers associated with the technique, however. The primary risk is contact of the water jet with the skin. It is so powerful that it can force particles in the jet underneath the skin itself. Particles include debris from the drain, particles of clothing, and protective equipment. Injuries as a result of this range from mild to severe.

The other main risk is from debris that is ejected from the drain or manhole itself. If these substances are not properly contained and disposed of, it can lead to serious contamination and even injury.

It is important to understand the risks associated with drain jetting and to realise that the procedure should only be carried out by trained professionals. We do not recommend that you attempt it at home.

Why Choose Us?

We are drainage specialists with a wealth of experience in drain jetting. Along with our highly trained crew, we have state of the art jetting technology. Our Jetchem high pressure jetter can access and clear some of the toughest and hardest to reach blockages in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you have problems with your drains or would just like some more information please get in touch today. You can call us on 07729 519755 and 01302 327175 or you can email us at info@drainjets.co.uk

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