CCTV Drain Survey

What is a CCTV drain survey?

During a CCTV drain survey, a high-tech waterproof camera is inserted down a drain in order to gain visual information on the drains. The camera is inserted into the drain via a manhole or a drainage access point.

The drain cameras provide a high resolution, detailed view of the drain pipes which could otherwise only be obtained by excavating the drains. Thanks to the availability of modern technology, drain surveys are becoming a much more common way of assessing drains. They provide a fast and effective method of diagnosing drainage problems.

When is a drain survey required?

Persistent blockages

If you have been suffering with persistent blockages then a CCTV survey may be the best way to diagnose the problem. This is especially true if several attempts have been made previously to try and clear the blockages. Some drainage problems are especially difficult to diagnose. This is particularly true in the case of long drain pipes. CCTV drain cameras can access areas of the drainage that would be otherwise impossible to reach without dismantling the drains. Click here to take a look at our article outlining the main causes of blocked drains.

Image of blocked drain. CCTV drain surveys can help to diagnose a blocked drain

Problems with neighbouring/adjoining property’s shared drainage

If there is reason to suspect that a blockage may be caused be a neighbouring property’s drainage then a CCTV drain survey may be the best cause of action. This is often the case with adjoining properties that share the same drainage system. In this case the survey will help to determine the exact location of the blockage in order to ascertain who is responsible for the drainage.

At the point that a drain pipe joins another property’s drain it becomes a sewer. Sewers can be either private or public. If the sewer has been adopted by a water authority then it is public. If the drain is private then of course the responsibility lies with the property owner. If a private shared sewer is blocked then this responsibility is shared. In the case of a dispute, the local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) should be contacted. They can serve a 48 hour notice which will usually force a resolution.

However, usually it will not come to this and a simple drain survey will help to answer any questions.

Suspected broken/damaged drain pipe

CCTV surveys are also useful when a broken pipe is suspected. In this case, the survey can help to discover the exact location of the fault. The broken pipe can then be accessed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the rest of the drainage system.

Drain relining

A CCTV drain survey is often used prior to relining a drain. Where appropriate, relining a pipe is a much more cost effective alternative to repairs and replacement. Relining the drain will also cause minimal delay and disruption to the drainage. The surveys are typically used to determine the suitability of relining a drain. Then the survey can ascertain the amount of lining required for the drain.

Purchaser’s/home buyer’s survey

If you are the purchaser of a property, a CCTV drain survey will help you to discover any existing issues with the drainage. The survey will tell you the extent of any problems and the cost of repair. Serious drainage problems can cause standing water and effect the structure and foundations of a property.

Image of a house. Purchaser's often perform a CCTV drain survey before buying

As the purchaser, the last thing you want is to buy the property only to find it worth a lot less than you paid for it. Furthermore, many mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and surveyors require a drain survey if the property is over a certain age. Be sure to check whether this is the case. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We recommend that every property purchaser has a CCTV drain survey carried out.

Vendor’s survey

If you are the vendor of the property, selling a property without knowing the condition of the drainage is risky. A drain survey can reduce delays by uncovering any problems early on.

Furthermore, any existing issues can be fixed before they get worse. If these problems are not addressed, you may be forced to pay for emergency work at short notice. You may even need to sell the property at a lower price. If a purchaser discovers problems during a purchaser’s survey they may even withdraw their offer.

Pre-tenancy survey

CCTV surveys are practically a necessity prior to letting out a property. Landlords are required by law to ensure that drains, waste pipes, and sewers are all in good order prior to letting. Also, should a dispute arise in the future, a pre-tenancy CCTV drain survey helps to prove that the damage has been caused during the tenants occupancy and not prior.

Build over survey

A build over survey is carried out before and after building work. These CCTV drain surveys are required by law if you are building over or near to a local water authority or their assets. Firstly, this ensures that any defects are identified prior to or during building works. Secondly, it ensures that building works do not cause damage to the assets in the long or short term.

What equipment is used for CCTV surveys?

A high tech, high resolution, waterproof CCTV drain camera is used. These specialist cameras are able to withstand high pressures caused by flowing water. The cameras also have pan and tilt functionality to enable us to fully assess and monitor the entire drain. With a long range, drain cameras can access practically every part of a drain. This makes them one of the most useful pieces of kit for a drainage specialist.

What is the process during a CCTV drain survey?

Image of phone. Contact us at Drain Jets for your CCTV Drain Survey

What will a drain survey uncover?

Drain surveys can uncover practically every type of problem with a drain including:

Image of a rat. CCTV drain surveys are typically the most effective ways of discovering rats in the drains

Why choose us for your CCTV drain survey?

We are drainage specialists with a wealth of experience in the industry. Along with our highly trained crew, we have state of the art drain camera technology. Our cameras can access some of the toughest and hardest to reach drain pipes in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are able to use our cameras to diagnose problems that would otherwise require extensive monitoring or excavation.

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