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What is drain jetting and why do you need it?

We regularly get people in Wakefield contacting us with problems with their drainage, and we often use drain jetting to clear the blockage.

Drain jetting involves using high pressure water jets to clear and clean drains. Equipment known as drain jetters are used. Drain jetting is much more effective at clearing severe and hard to reach blockages than traditional methods such as drain rods.

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When we arrive at a property in Wakefield, we will carry out an inspection of the drains before recommending drain jetting. In fact, we regularly carry out a CCTV drain survey prior to jetting a drain in Wakefield. The drain survey will help us to determine the extent and location of the blockage prior to jetting.

If any damage to the drains is discovered, we can often repair them with a process known as drain lining. Drain lining is a cost effective and low disruption way of repairing drains. However, before a drain can be relined, the pipes must first be cleaned. In this case, we will generally carry out Drain Jetting for our clients in Wakefield in order to prepare the internal walls for the new lining.

Is drain jetting safe?

Drain jetting can be dangerous, especially if it is not carried by experts using specialist equipment. If not carried out properly, drain jetting can result in severe skin damage and contamination. Here at Drain Jets we pride ourselves in being the most skilled experts at drain jetting in Wakefield.

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If you choose us for your drain jetting and drainage needs, you can rest assured that we will carry out all work in a safe and secure manner. We understand that safety comes first, which is why we never recommend anyone to attempt drain jetting at home.

Why use us for your drain jetting in Wakefield?

We specialise in drainage and we have a wealth of experience in drain jetting in Wakefield. At Drain Jets we have highly trained staff and state of the art jetting technology. Our high pressure van jetter can clear some of the most difficult blockages in a fast and cost-effective manner. Click here to find out more about drain jetting.

The first step is to call us out and we will come to your property to take a look at the drainage. From there we can then determine the best cause of action, whatever this may be.

Call us on 07729 519755, email us at info@drainjets.co.uk, or fill in our contact form for more information.

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