Blocked Drain In Wakefield?

What are some of the main causes of a blocked drain in Wakefield?

We regularly get people contacting us with a blocked drain in Wakefield, and we often make emergency visits. Blocked drains are very common problems for home owners everywhere and they can become very costly if they are not addressed promptly. Do not hesitate to get in touch if your drains need urgent attention.

Below we have highlighted some of the main culprits of blocked drains and some of the preventative measures you can take to reduce blockages in the future.

Baby Wipes – The number 1 cause of a blocked drain and blocked toilet in Wakefield

Wet wipes and baby wipes are possibly the most common cause of a blocked toilet. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, wet wipes are not designed to be flushed down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes do not break down properly when flushed. If they are regularly flushed down the toilet there is a high probability that a blockage will eventually occur.

Image of baby wipes, one of the biggest causes of a blocked toilet and blocked drain in Wakefield

Our recommendation at Drain Jets is that you keep a small waste bin in your bathroom/toilet and dispose of your wipes in there. This simple tip saves many households from getting a blocked toilet in Wakefield.

Foreign Objects block toilets and drains

Wet wipes are not the only foreign objects that we find blocking drains and toilets. We have visited many properties around Wakefield and found many objects in drains ranging from food to children’s toys.

A foreign object that has been flushed down the toilet often doesn’t cause a blockage straight away. This leads the homeowner to believe the item has flushed properly. In many instances, the homeowner is completely unaware that a foreign object was flushed at all. Frequently, the object gets stuck in the drain but allows some water to pass. Whilst this may not be immediately noticeable, over time a collection of materials can accumulate and prevent the flow of water altogether. If foreign objects are regularly being flushed down the toilet this will almost certainly cause a blocked toilet and a blocked drain.

We class any objects other than human waste and toilet paper as foreign objects. We advise our clients in Wakefield to ensure their children understand what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. Children’s toys are one of the biggest culprits of blocked toilets, along with other items that children decide to flush.

A picture of a child's toy. Children's toys and other foreign objects can cause a blocked drain in Wakefield.

We also find that foreign objects often causing blockages to the sink drain. Food waste is one the most common causes of a blocked sink. Many people think it is fine to allow some food to go down the sink but in reality no amount is safe. In many of the homes we visit around Wakefield and the Yorkshire area we find a build up of food waste blocking the drain. We advise all our clients to ensure that they only allow water to pass down the sink.

Grease and Fat

The accumulation of grease and fat is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. We are called out many times by homeowners in Wakefield to remove blockages caused by grease and fat. Most of the time people don’t realise the cause of the problem but over time it is easy for a build up to occur.

Due to the thick and sticky nature of cooking oils and fatty foods, they can easily attach themselves to the walls of pipes. Eventually, the build up can prevent the proper flow of water and even completely block the pipes. If you are based in the Wakefield area and your drains have reached this point, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can clear your drains before damage occurs.

Water flowing down drain. There are many ways a homeowner can suffer a blocked drain in Wakefield

To prevent this problem in the first place is quite simple though. We regularly tell our clients that disposing of their waste fats through other means will significantly reduce the chance of getting a blocked drain. In fact, pouring cooking oil down the drain is illegal and harmful to the environment. With any waste cooking oil, we recommend pouring it into a container such as a plastic bottle before disposing of it. To dispose of grease, we recommend wiping your plates and cooking pans with kitchen paper before washing. Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) offer safe disposal of grease and cooking oils. You can visit your local council website to take a look at the list of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) near you.

For more information on the incorrect disposal of grease and fat down drains there is a BBC News article on large blockages known as “fatbergs”.


Hair is an often overlooked cause of blocked drains but it can easily build up if left to go down the plug hole. Many of our clients in Wakefield are unaware that removing hair from plug holes can significantly reduce the probability of them getting a blocked drain. It is possible for a large accumulation of hair to block the flow of water completely.

Water flowing from shower. Can cause a blocked drain in Wakefield

There are many products on the market that you can purchase to prevent hair from going down the plug. However, we recommend all our clients from Wakefield and across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to check their plug holes regularly. Any build up of hair should be removed and disposed of in your general waste to prevent future problems. The shower is the most common place to find a build of hair so we recommend you keep a particularly close eye on this.

Trees, Plants, & Leaves – The main causes of an external blocked drain in Wakefield

We have found that natural garden waste is the main culprit of blocked external drains in Wakefield. Many people do not think of their garden as being a potential problem to their drainage. However, garden waste can cause major blockages, particularly after Autumn and Spring where there may be a large amount of leaves on the ground. Leaves are frequently blown to the edges of properties where it becomes easy for external drains to become blocked. Not only does clearing the leaves provide a nice aesthetic to your garden but it also helps to prevent future drainage issues.

A picture of leaves on trees. Leaves and trees are the number one cause of external blocked drains in Wakefield

Leaves are not the only problem for your outside drains, however. Trees and plants can often infiltrate your drainage in the search for water. This is particularly true in the case of those that are not receiving sufficient water. Across the Wakefield area, we regularly advise our clients to ensure their trees and plants are well watered, particularly if there is a drought. This is especially the case if you have trees and plants that were planted close to the property.

In the cases where it is not possible for trees and plants to be watered on a regular basis, it may be wise to avoid the worst varieties. The worst varieties of trees for external drains include Willow trees, Magnolia trees, Poplar trees, Oak trees, and Birch trees. The most problematic plants and bushes include Boxwood shrubs, Holly Bushes, and Ivy plants. We recommend that whenever these are planted, they are planted away from the property and any external drains. This should ensure that no damage is caused to the property’s drainage or structure.

What if my drain is blocked?

Here at Drain Jets we offer many solutions to blocked drains.

Image of drain jetting used to clear blockage in Wakefield

One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of clearing a blockage is called drain jetting. Drain jetting involves using a high pressure water hose to flush out and clean the drain of debris. Click here to read our article about drain jetting

We also offer a service known as a CCTV drain survey

Image of CCTV drain survey helping to clear a blocked drain in Wakefield

CCTV drain surveys can help us to diagnose the problem if there is a serious blockage or we feel there may be damage to the drain. From there, we can produce a report and recommend the best course of action. Click here to read our article on CCTV drain surveys

Contrary to popular belief, fixing a damaged drain does not have to be expensive. We offer a drain repair service known as drain lining, or drain relining.

Image of drain pipe. Even very old pipes can fixed with a technique known as drain lining. This prevents blockages

Drain lining involves the installation on a new lining into the drain pipe. This new lining is water resistant, corrosion resistant, and provides structural strength to the drain pipe. Using this technique we can save many old and damaged pipes without having to replace them. We save many of our clients in Wakefield from expensive costs using this technique. Click here to read our article on drain lining.

Do you need help with your blocked drain in Wakefield?

Hopefully we have provided a helpful overview of some of the main causes of a blocked drain and the preventative measures you can take. If you need some help or advice with your property please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are based in the Wakefield area but we serve clients across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Call us on 07729 519755, email us at, or fill in our contact form for more information.

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