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Drain Jets is a leading specialist drainage company serving Gainsborough. We offer a wide range of services including drain jetting/cleaning and drain excavations. We are open 24/7 for all your drainage needs, including emergency call outs. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you need help with your drains in Gainsborough.

Expert drain jetter by leading manufacturerJetchem

Here at Drain Jets Gainsborough, we clear and clean drains with our efficient high pressure drain jetter made by leading company Jetchem.

For particularly heavy blockages we have the van pack jetter made by Jetchem. It provides up to 3000psi of water pressure and has 80 metres of hose. We can quickly and efficiently clear heavy blockages in a wide range of pipes from 4 inch – 9 inch. For the lighter blockages we can use our high quality drain rods.

High tech drain camera equipment

We use a high tech CCTV camera system to detect the cause of blockages and to inspect pipework. The XT220 Control Unit, as well as the XT2500 Camera, allow us incredibly deep access to drainage problems. Our cameras are capable of detecting deep-standing issues which may exist under your property.

With the help of this specialist equipment we are able to unblock the most severe blockages. The engineers who work for Drain Jets in Gainsborough are qualified, highly trained, and very experienced. Furthermore, we always offer a competitive rate to our clients in the Gainsborough area.

We can unblock sewage

At Drain Jets Gainsborough we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the most stubborn blockages. We can seamlessly unblock sewage with minimal disruption to the customer.

Blocked sewage drains can be caused by a wide range of factors. Materials that don’t brake down such as wet wipes are frequently amongst the worst offenders. Poor joints in your pipework and roots coming through old joints can also cause problems. Limescale on the bottom of pipes that holds over time can also be another cause of serious issues. We use the drain jetter to remove all limescale from the pipework to prevent future blockages.

Here at Drain Jets we take all sewage blockages seriously and we help as many people as we can in Gainsborough. We realise what an inconvenience it is to have a blocked drain and we aim to help as quickly as possible. Please in touch today for emergency plumbin/g and advice.

Groundwork by Drain Jets Gainsborough

Here at Drain Jets we have decades of expirience in groundwork/civil engineering and no problem is too big or small. We are drainage experts that comply to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on quality and precision, which we understand is so important in the building industry.

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