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DrainJets is a highly professional mobile drain-jetting company. Covering everthing from blocked drains to drain repairs. clearing/cleaning with our high pressure drain jetter made by a leading company known as Jetchem. We also use state of the art cctv camera system to see what could of been causing the blockage and to inspect the pipework.

We are quallifield experts that provide the most cost effective services that are cheaper than the bigger leading brands.

The van pack jetter is made by jetchem and provides upto 3000psi of water pressure and 80 metres of hose that covers 4,6,9inch drain pipes for all the heavy blockages. Covering all housing and domestic properties. We also have high quality drain rods which can unblock the lighter blockages.

Drainjets have alot of knowledge on the most stubborn blockages, experience covers us to unblock the sewage (quickly/effectively) with minimal disruption to the customer.

The smallest things can cause drains to block, Materials that don’t brake down such as baby wipes tend to be the cause of a severe problem.  If there are any bad joints in your pipework or wroots coming through the old joints causing them to snag and build up from there. Also Limescale on the bottom of pipes that holds over time can also be another cause, when we use the drain jetter we remove all the limescale from the pipework to prevent further blockages in the future.

Drainjets have many years expirience in groundwork/civil enginering so no problem is to big or small. We are drainage experts that comply to the highest standards. These are needed in drain installation so the drainage is positioned properly to the drawings regarding levels/positions.

If there is  any questions your unsure of or need any guidance then don’t hesitate to call, A member of our team will be happy to help you.

We have excellent cameras which are capable of detecting deep-standing issues which exist under your property. The XT220 Control Unit, as well as the XT2500 Camera, allow us incredibly deep access to drainage problems which may exist under your property. DrainJet uses equipment with a range of around 80 metres. The engineers who work for DrainJets are always qualified and highly trained – we are capable of unblocking the most immovable blockages and will always operate at a competitive price.

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